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ASSET IMPAIRMENT    "Impairment occurs when the sum of the expected cash flows from the asset is less than the book value of the asset. Accounting practices require that long-term assets be evaluated for impairment. If a reduction is made in the carrying value because of impairment, it is recorded as a loss."
  — Webster's New World Finance and Investment Dictionary


Lee Asbridge, CG

1940 - 2014

Betty Cordial, CIR-ML
Professional Receivership Management
Estate Closing
Investigations and analysis
Betty Cordial has provided receivership services to insurance commissioners, federal and international regulators for over 40 years, serving as a deputy receiver, liquidator or independent fiduciary on 122 troubled or insolvent insurance entities. A results oriented executive with extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, a proven history of addressing complex business issues and potentially fraudulent transactions, the successful rehabilitation of troubled companies, and the development and execution of liquidation plans to maximize distributions to creditors. Over 14 years of experience representing the members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on issues involving fraudulent and criminal transactions with federal and foreign regulators and law enforcement authorities.

Robert M. Hall, Esq.
Reinsurance Assumed and Ceded
Dispute Resolution
Receivership Law
Mr. Hall spent 20 years as in-house counsel with various insurers and reinsurers, served as General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Munich Reinsurance America and was considered the reinsurance industry expert on receivership issues.  In private practice Mr. Hall represented receivers in complex disputes with reinsurers.  After establishing his solo practice twelve years ago, he has acted as an arbitrator and expert witness for receivers in major reinsurance disputes. Mr. Hall has served on numerous NAIC and other task forces devoted to improving the receivership process.  He has published over 90 articles on insurance, reinsurance, receivership and ADR issues.  Through this experience Mr. Hall can evaluate technical reinsurance disputes, provide expert advice as to their proper resolution and assist in such resolution through arbitration or litigation.

Jenny L Jeffers, CISA, AES
Information Systems Management
Data Conversion - UDS Distribution
    and Receipt
Electronic Data Fraud and Forensics
Jenny Jeffers has worked in the insurance industry since 1985 and in the Information Systems industry for over 35 years during and following Birmingham Southern College majoring in Mathematics. Her receivership experience began while working for the FL Rehabilitation and Liquidation Bureau where she initiated the use of UDS (Uniform Data Structure) for the Bureau in transmitting and receiving data to and from Guaranty Funds across the country. Ms. Jeffers subsequently became a member of the UDS Committee for NAIC/NCIGF. She participated in the liquidations of Legion and Reliance, working with every Guraranty Fund in the country to reconcile data with these two huge liquidations. Some states were not using UDS and Ms. Jeffers went to their offices and developed programs to implement UDS or upgrade them to UDS Version 2, which was developed to handle the additional needs of Reliance. Ms. Jeffers is a member of the International Association of Insurance Receivers and has served as Education Committee Chair of that organization and published articles in the magazine regarding Information Systems in the Liquidation Process.

Paula Keyes, CPCU, ARe, AIR, CPIW, DAE
Paula Keyes is a reinsurance expert with over 33 years experience in the insurance industry. Her primary activities include reinsurance accounting and collection of reinsurance proceeds on behalf of insolvent estates. As an independent consultant she has provided consulting services to numerous insurance companies in the reconciliation of their reinsurance balances and mapping them to the annual financial statement. She is a detailed-oriented professional with management and supervisory experience. Paula is as competent in leading a team of professionals as in serving as a member of the team. She is computer-literate and very knowledgeable in the common accounting programs as well as general office programs.

Bill Lane, CPA
Financial Accounting and Reporting
System Conversions
Forensic Accounting
Bill has over 28 years of financial accounting and reporting experience with a strong systems background. Working with EAB Associates for ten years he has developed a strong working knowledge of the insurance receivership’s financial operations and reporting requirements. Additionally, Bill’s initial exposure to insurance receiverships was in 1987 on Mission Insurance Company as a manager for Deloitte & Touche. Through the efficient utilization of systems and other analytical tools, Bill has provided his clients with exceptional service in a wide range of responsibilities i.e. CFO, Controller, Financial reporting, Financial analysis, Reinsurance accounting and analysis, Financial projections, Distribution modeling, Budgeting, System Conversions and Forensic accounting.

Jose L. Rivas, AIR
Claims Management
Mr. Rivas is a dynamic leader with over 18 years of experience as a claims executive for insurers such as Queensway Financial Holdings, Progressive Corporation, AIG and GMAC Insurance Group. He also served as the assistant to the Assistant Deputy Liquidator for eight years, in the administration of the estates of all Georgia Domiciled insurers. He is a highly regarded consultant to Insurance Department Commissioners, and lead examiner on three target-market conduct examinations of insurers. Over the past years, he has also been responsible for a wide range of assignments that have included loss portfolio assessment and evaluation, run-off operations, claims audits, subrogation recovery, reinsurance, health and disability insurance reviews, and dispute resolution. Mr. Rivas is an active member of International Association of Insurance Receivers (IAIR) holding an Accredited Insurance Receiver (AIR) certification in practice areas of Claims/Guaranty Funds and Reinsurance. Mr. Rivas was also a contributor in the ClaimNet project spearheaded by the NAIC. Mr. Rivas is a member of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Run-Off Companies.

Dale Stephenson, CPA
Financial Analysis
Electronic Reporting
Operational/Personnel Analysis
Dale is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA), the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the International Association of Insurance Receivers (IAIR). Dale has over 35 years experience in reviewing operations, systems analysis, financial reporting and effective team and relationship building within the insurance industry. He is able to quickly establish a fundamental understanding of complex operations, identify and implement appropriate control mechanisms, maximize financial review and analysis processes while identifying significant issues with historical records. He has also been instrumental in the review and restructuring of total corporate direction, personnel evaluation, benefits program analysis and administration, and the design and establishment of electronic reporting processes.

Donna L. Wilson, CIR-ML
Estate Management
Accounting – Forensic and Statutory
Claims – Life, Health, Annuity
Donna Wilson has worked in the insurance industry since 1980 upon graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting. In 1985, she started her receivership experience with the liquidation of Southwestern Insurance Company. Since then, her experience includes over 30 rehabilitation and liquidation estates including property and casualty, life and health, prepaid dental, MEWA and prepaid funeral trusts. Experience areas include estate takeover, asset liquidation, claim adjudication, reinsurance, accounting (forensic and statutory), litigation support and estate closure. Ms. Wilson is a member of the International Association of Insurance Receivers.






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