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Jenny Jeffers has worked in the insurance industry since 1985 and in the Information Systems industry for over 35 years during and following Birmingham Southern College majoring in Mathematics. Her receivership experience began while working tor the FL Rehabilitation and Liquidation Bureau where she initiated the use of UDS (Uniform Data Structure) for the Bureau in transmitting and receiving data to and from Guaranty Funds across the country. Ms. Jeffers subsequently became a member of the UDS Committee for NAIC/NCIGF. She participated in the liquidations of Legion and Reliance, working with every Guraranty Fund in the country to reconcile data with these two huge liquidations. Some states were not using UDS and Ms. Jeffers went to their offices and developed programs to implement UDS or upgrade them to UDS Version 2, which was developed to handle the additional needs of Reliance. Ms. Jeffers is a member of the International Association of Insurance Receivers and has served as Education Committee Chair of that organization and published articles in the magazine regarding Information Systems in the Liquidation Process.


  • IT consultant with more than 40 years of hands–on experience with mainframe, mini, and micro computers including broad expertise in development, data importing/exporting/conversion, system migration and project management.
  • In–depth knowledge of Financial and Market Conduct audits and all facets of the insurance industry developed working with receiverships, guaranty associations, and professional associations on complex audits, liquidations and software management and development. Conduct Risk-Focused IS Exams with state exam teams.
  • Ability to quickly analyze existing systems, identify control weaknesses, design solutions, and expand resources to encompass new areas of functionality or compliance, applying enthusiasm for new and emerging technologies to enhance organizational effectiveness and perform Project Management or data extraction and UDS Exports for Guaranty Funds and Receivers during the Liquidation process.
  • Passion for training, coaching, and sharing knowledge to build competencies of others, motivate teams, and inspire IT professionals and system users to recognize, embrace, and move toward a common vision
Undergraduate in Mathematics, 1964-1967     3.99 GPA
CISA • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
AES • Automated Exam Specialist
Certifications in Progress
• Accredited Insurance Receiver (AIR) –experience complete – form and approval in progress
• Certified Fraud Examiner – will be completed in 2009
• Certified Professional Project Manger (PMP) – hopefully during 2010
• Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE) Founders Award 2008

Owner and IT Consultant, JENNAN ENTERPRISES, LLC, Tallahassee, Florida, 1975 — present
  • Founded a consulting firm that has grown from a startup enterprise into a business that has earned a global reputation for reliability and pride in delivering complete, timely, and cost–effective end products and services.
  • Developed a pool of staff and contract programmers that offers the capability of providing qualified teams of appropriate size and mix of technical skills to achieve project goals and satisfy customer expectations
  • Cultivates collaborative client relationships based on professional credibility, building trust to act as an external partner in assessing needs, planning for change, and creating solutions in engagements that have included:
    • Designed and executed projects for a diverse client base that has spanned insurance, agriculture, medical research, DNA matching, financial disclosure, interagency communication, construction costing, purchase order tracking, legal tracking, system upgrades, database design, inventory control, and accounting
    • Serve as IT Audit Specialist on Financial and Market Conduct projects for state agencies, Regulatory Consultants, Inc., Examination Resources, Bostick Crawford Consulting, Dixon-Hughes, LLC, Huff Thomas & Company, Actuarial Group, Inc., INSGROUP, American Express Tax and Business Section, RSM McGladrey, RSL and EWM Group PC
    • Serve as Project Manager working with the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds to facilitate the transmission of data between insurance companies, guaranty funds, and appointed receivers (Legion and Reliance) and plan training for UDS (Uniform Data Standard) data transmissions.
    • Served as Project Manager for implementing new processes and a new claims system at New York Liquidation Bureau, Western Guaranty Fund Services and Texas P&C Guaranty Association
    • Served as IS Consultant to liquidations in Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida and Pennsylvania, including Legion and Reliance – working with NCIGF and the state of Pennsylvania.
    • Performed numerous audits and technology projects for the Florida Department of Insurance, including:
      — Developed an integrated relational database using Paradox for DOS for Rehabilitation and Liquidation
      — Developed and maintained a relational, menu–driven Personnel System, Provider Contract Tracking system, a Purchase Order Tracking System, and a Legal Tracking System to monitor cases involving receiverships
    • Developed and implemented a UDS system for Florida Workers Compensation Insurance Guaranty Fund to receive data for multiple sources, platforms, formats for conversion and posting to master files for retransmission in a system that encompasses 40 receivers, and 5 TPAs
    • Assist Oklahoma Guaranty Association, Western Guaranty Fund Services, New York Liquidation Bureau and Louisiana Guaranty Association in solving problems with data processing of claims data.
    • Designed and developed Insurance Sales Analysis and Company Management Software packages (under contract with Computone Systems, Inc.) and marketed across the U. S. as the first of its kind to run on PC’s
    • Collaborated with Huff Thomas in auditing quotes distributed on, creating rate calculators for seven additional insurance companies and comparing the results to those calculated by Progressive
    • Worked in conjunction with Huff Thomas to facilitate the retrieval of data from the decades old tapes of a liquidated company that were subsequently used to defend the state against class action litigation.
Senior VP of Operations – Project Manager, REVENUE SYSTEMS, INC., Atlanta, Georgia 1999 — 2001
  • Recruited by the CEO to oversee an intensive six–month project to complete the design, development, testing, and implementation of a Tag and Title System for the sale of private/public vehicles in Cobb County, Georgia
  • Led a 40–person team, bringing the project to satisfactory completion and beating the deadline by one month
  • Acted as Project Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, and Customer Support Manager, headed the Y2K Compliance Team, and improved organizational effectiveness by realigning the departmental infrastructure
Computer Support Services Manager, MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS,
Tallahassee, Florida, 1997
  • Turned around performance by assessing needs, isolating issues, and re–staffing/retraining personnel to build a motivated, goal–oriented team; initiated an on–site training program with a designated classroom for division staff
  • Managed computer operations of multiple insolvent companies, reducing time involved in analyzing, converting, and transmitting company data to guaranty funds and receivers from an average of six months down to six weeks
Consultant Instructor, LIVELY TECHNICAL CENTER, Tallahassee, Florida, 1987 — 1992
  • Designed and taught PC software classes sponsored by the Florida Department of Management Services
  • Designed courses for Florida State University and various agencies of the State of Florida, including the departments of: Insurance, Labor, Law Enforcement, State, Agriculture, and Environmental Protection
Senior Computer Systems Analyst, SCIDATA, INC., Atlanta, Georgia, 1973 — 1975
  • Designed, developed, and implemented agricultural–based software packages across the U. S., using Digital Equipment PDP11 mini computers; handled responsibility for managerial and mathematical programming
Senior Systems Programmer, CARDIAC RESEARCH UNIT,
VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL, Birmingham, Alabama, 1971 — 1973
  • Supported pioneering research, digitizing EKG data for analysis by Digital Equipment PDP 11 and PDP8 computers, which allowed physicians to predict success of the then new procedure of heart bypass surgery
Primary Systems Analyst   (1969 — 1971)
Instructor of Mathematics & Science   (1968 — 1969)
U. S. ARMY ARCTIC TEST CENTER, Ft. Greeley, Alaska, 1968 — 1971
  • Supervised Operations, Programming and Communications Sections working with an IBM System 360/20 mainframe on projects involving meteorological analysis, equipment testing/management, and communications
  • Instructed Army personnel in preparation for GED testing, producing a 100% student pass rate
Programmer, COMPUTONE, INC., Atlanta, Georgia, 1967 — 1968
  • Co-developed a mathematical analysis program that became the basis for modern animal feed formulation systems
  • Co–developed a voice answer program to enhance mobility of insurance representatives (precursor to Web Talk)
  • Developed and maintained a massive database that included policy, premium and claim data of major insurer
Programmer/Operator   (1964 — 1967)
Student Grant Employee   (1964)
UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MEDICAL CENTER, Birmingham, Alabama, 1964 — 1967
  • Supervised a nine–operator computer room, completing programming projects designed by senior analysts in medical research applications on an IBM 7040 mainframe computer using assembly language programming
  • Selected as one of only 10 students to be awarded summer employment grant; assigned to work in the university’s Computer Research Facility, and attended programming classes for the IBM 7040 computer
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Member
  • Insurance Regulatory Examiner Society (IRES), Member
  • International Association of Insurance Receivers (IAIR), Member
    • IAIR Education Committee, Member
    • IAIR Website Committee, Member
  • National UDS Committee, Member
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners
    • NAIC Audit Software Working Group, Interested Party
  • Project Management Institute (PMI), Member
  • Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE), Member
    • AES Committee Chair
    • Website Committee, Chair – Vice President
    • Member of SOFE Board of Governors
    • Member of SOFE Executive Committee
  • Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals
  • Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Run-Off Companies
    • IT Committee Member and consultant










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