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The insurance receiver oversees an accounting of the company’s assets and liabilities, and administers the estate of the company for the benefit of its creditors. In doing so, the receiver seeks to maximize the company’s assets, convert them to cash, and then distribute that cash to creditors having valid claims against the insurer, in accordance with payment priorities specified by state law.



Company Experience 1981 - 2016


(C) Chief Operating Officer

(S) Special Deputy Receiver

(*) Senior Consultant

Company Name Receivership
C AAI Syndicate #1, Ltd. 02/09/99
C Agora Syndicate, Inc. 11/18/00
C Alliance General Insurance Company 01/07/00
C Alpine Holdings Company, A/K/A/ Transco Syndicate #1, Ltd. 03/18/99
C Alpine Insurance Company 06/08/00
C Amalgamated Labor Life Insurance Company 07/05/89
C American Association Of Trauma Specialists 02/01/80
C American Family Life Insurance Company 01/22/82
C American Health Care Providers, Inc. HMO 05/11/00
C American Horizon Insurance Company 07/11/02
S American Lenders Insurance Company 11/22/88
C American Mutual Liability Insurance Company A/R* 01/28/89
C American Mutual Reinsurance Company 02/22/88
S American Standard Life Insurance Company 02/22/91
C American Warranty Corporation 08/08/90
C American United Casualty Company 08/26/93
C American Unified Life & Health Company 06/27/00
C Associated Life Insurance Company 05/21/87
C Associated Life Insurance Company 08/01/88
C Associated Physicians Insurance Company 08/16/01
C Back Of The Yards Neighborhood Council Risk Management Association 01/22/01
C Cadillac Insurance Company A/R* 08/11/89
C Castle Premium Finance Company Fl. 05/24/82
C Castle Premium Finance Company Tx. 05/24/82
C Casualty Insurance Company of Florida A/R* 02/27/97
C Centaur Insurance Company 09/04/87
C Chicagocare HMO 04/08/87
C Complete Health Care Corporation HMO 11/05/90
* Contractors Liability Insurance Company RRG 08/28/12
C Cooperative Health Plan HMO 03/29/89
C Coronet Insurance Company 12/24/96
C Crown Casualty Company 01/31/97
C Cure Health HMO 10/07/76
C Dealer Marketing Systems 07/20/87
C Dearborn Agency Inc. 05/24/82
C Delta Casualty Company 12/04/01
S Eagle Insurance Holdings, LLC – Supervision 05/21/10
S Eagle Life Insurance Company 09/05/95
C Edison Insurance Company 02/20/91
S Employers Casualty Corporation 02/18/94
S Employers National Insurance Corporation 02/14/94
C Equity General Insurance Company 11/20/89
S Fairway Health Plan 02/12/03
C Fargo Acceptance Corp. 04/18/94
S Farmers & Ranchers Life Insurance Company 05/20/99
C Fidelity General Insurance Company 12/04/89
* Financial Adisors Assurance Select RRG 01/10/11
C First Chicago Insurance Group 02/16/90
C First Oak Brook Corporation Syndicate 11/12/96
S Frontier Insurance Company A/R* 09/27/02
C Gallant Insurance Company 08/28/02
C Geneva Assurance Syndicate, Inc. 07/11/96
C Georgetown Life Insurance Company 04/01/83
C Globe International Indemnity, Ltd. 01/27/95
S Guilford-Thomas Funeral Trust 03/01/04
* Health Facilities of California Mutual Insurance Company, RRG 01/09/12
C Health Plan Of Central Illinois HMO 03/22/91
C Heartland Casualty Company 01/24/91
C Heritage Insurance Company 09/26/85
S Heritage National Life Insurance Company 03/15/02
S Hinderliter-Woodard Funeral Trust 05/31/00
S Hodge Funeral Trust 08/09/06
C Homeowners Insurance Company 04/08/71
S Hospital Casualty Company 08/06/04
C Ideal Mutual Insurance Company of New York A/R* 09/28/83
C Illinois Earth Care Workers Compensation Trust 05/09/99
C Illinois Electrical Employers Workers Compensation Association, Inc. 12/20/99
C Illinois Environmental Service Workers Compensation Trust 07/31/00
C Illinois HealthCare Insurance Company 06/20/00
C Illinois Insurance Company 05/17/90
C Illinois Insurance Company 07/09/99
S Industrial Fire & Casualty Company 03/06/91
C INEX Insurance Services Inc. 02/08/94
C Inland American Insurance Company 09/19/97
C Inter-American Insurance Company Of Illinois 12/23/91
C Intercontinental Insurance Company 01/11/90
C Iowa State Travelers Insurance Company A/R* 02/24/83
C Kenilworth Insurance Company 04/15/82
C Lake City Insurance Agency 05/24/82
C LaSalle National Insurance Company 12/28/71
C Legion Indemnity Company 04/03/02
* Lewis and Clark LTC RRG 12/21/12
S Liberty Investers Life Insurance Company 09/13/83
C Life Assurance Company of Pa. A/R* 05/09/91
C M.S. Law Insurance Agency 05/24/82
C Main Insurance Company 06/22/82
C Market Insurance Company 07/02/79
S MCA Insurance Company 10/29/92
S MDPhysicians Insurance Company 03/10/97
C Medcare HMO, Inc. 01/04/93
C Merit Casualty Company 12/19/94
C Mid-American Insurance Company 02/29/96
S Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company 04/14/97
C Mile Square Health Plan HMO 01/25/89
C Millers National Insurance Company 03/03/88
C Millers National Insurance Company 05/17/90
C Missouri National Insurance Company 11/06/75
C Modern Life Insurance Company 01/22/82
C Multi-State Inter Insurance Exchange 09/11/64
C Multicare, Inc. HMO 06/19/91
C National Assurance Indemnity Company 01/03/97
C National Dealer Services 12/28/84
C National Health Care Trust MEWA 01/05/82
C National Investors Life Insurance Company A/R* 09/28/83
S National Savings Insurance Company 01/18/96
C National Warranty Administrators 09/26/88
C Oak Casualty Insurance Company 11/19/02
C Optimum Insurance Company of Illinois 12/28/84
C Optimum Coverage Managers 12/28/84
C Patriot Life Insurance Company 02/23/89
S Pegasus Insurance Company 06/21/10
C Preferred Customer Administrators 06/23/88
C Penta Plan-Share MEWA 02/03/88
S Physicians Liability Insurance Company – Supervision 03/01/04
C Pine Top Insurance Company 06/18/86
C Prestige Casualty Company 07/26/94
C Progressive General Insurance 03/20/68
C Provident Insurance Company 01/09/91
S Provider Medical Trust MEWA 03/14/01
C Prudence Mutual Casualty Company 02/07/70
C Quintin Land Development Company 05/24/82
C RCA Syndicate #1, Ltd. 05/11/00
C Reserve Insurance Company 05/07/79
C Resure, Inc 02/18/97
S Republic Casualty Company 12/01/01
C River Forest Insurance Company 03/18/94
C Seaway Insurance Agency 05/24/82
C Security Casualty Company 08/14/81
S Security General Life Insurance Company 09/29/06
S Senior Security Life Insurance Company 06/10/92
C Specialty Underwriters A/K/A North American Fire And Casualty 09/23/93
C Standard Burial Association 06/10/87
S State Security Insurance Company 04/29/83
C Supreme Life Insurance Company Of America 07/19/98
C Trans Pacific Insurance Company A/R* 10/13/94
C Total Health Care, Inc. HMO 07/06/88
S Unisom International Life Insurance Company 09/25/92
C United Capitol Insurance Company 09/12/01
C United Diversified Corporation 05/21/87
C United Diversified Corporation 08/01/88
C United Equitable Insurance Company 08/08/90
C United Equitable Life Insurance Company 08/08/90
C United Fire Insurance Company 05/21/87
C United Fire Insurance Company 08/01/88
C United Savings Life Insurance Company 08/20/85
C Unity HMO Corporation Of Illinois 10/04/91
C University Life Insurance Company 09/28/83
C Valor Insurance Company 02/25/02
C Villa Premium Budget Company 04/29/93
C Western Specialty Insurance Company 05/06/02
C Yorktown Indemnity Corporation 02/07/89
*A/R - Ancillary Receivership

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